Modern Kitchens have been responsible for hundreds of dramatic kitchen transformations over the past 40+ years. Though our techniques, materials and people have changed with time, our collective experience and expertise has only grown better.

Facelifts by Modern Kitchens offers more affordable renovation and upgrades to an existing kitchen rather than a complete custom design of a new kitchen. With all the resources and vision of the Modern Kitchens team, Facelifts offers high-quality renewal of your living spaces without breaking the bank.

“We can help you design the beautiful, functional space you’ve always wished for.”

Our team prides themselves on their ability to provide superior products and services to home owners in the Bay of Plenty. We take the time to keep ahead of the latest products and styles, carefully curating our list of suppliers and manufacturers. 

Modern Kitchens has a personal approach to every kitchen we  renovate. We believe in innovation, evolving methodologies and new design ideas; but equally respect the timelessness of classic design aesthetics. We feel privileged to be able to deliver transformations that have a lasting impact on our clients’ homes.

“Most importantly, we’re your partner and advocate every step of the way.”

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Steven Peters

Steven is your first contact for enquiries. He connects people and ideas, he inspires with choices, and he's great to work with.


Chris Gledhill

Chris manages our Facelifts division, making beautiful kitchens accessible. He also maintains the exceptional standards of Modern Kitchens as a whole. ​


Grant Crane

Grant is our 'can-do' workshop manager. He will ensure your project is fabricated and assembled flawlessly, and offers his vast experience to every build.

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Facelifts by Modern Kitchens offers dramatic transformations on a budget. Book a consultation today to discuss how we can make affordable, impactful changes to the design of your existing kitchen.